Dance events

As well as regular scheduled classes, Jiveinferno organises frequent 'freestyle' nights where the emphasis is on the social aspect of the dance, usually a weekend dance night out - see this list below for the nearest event to you.

We love just getting together for a bit of 'craic' and often will combine this with supporting local charities and community events - so you'll find us busking on street corners, dancing on the crossroads, by a river, in a field or down on the beach, up the side of a mountain or in front of your local chipper out for our distinctive Orange T-Shirts and come along to join in the fun!

Current and upcoming dance events

  1. Afternoon Dance

    Venue: Finnstown Country House Hotel, Lucan.Co.Dublin
    Time: Sun Jan 21 2018 at 03:00
  2. Saturday Night Freestyle

    Venue: Ashfield House Hotel, Rosslare Road, Wexford
    Time: Sat Feb 10 2018 at 09:00

Past dance events

  1. Skool Dance Workshop with Lisa Graydon

    Venue: The Rising Sun Hotel, Mullinavat, Co.Kilkenny
    Time: Sat Sep 5 2015 at 03:00
  2. Summerfest Dance Workshop with Roger Chin

    Venue: Talbot Hotel, Trinity street, Wexford.
    Time: Sun Aug 2 2015 at 03:00
  3. 70s 80s Disco Themed Party

    Venue: Tullamore Gaa club, Arden, Tullamore
    Time: Sat Jun 27 2015 at 09:00
  4. Sunday Evening Dance

    Venue: Gfc St. Marys, Saggart, Co.Dublin.
    Time: Sun May 24 2015 at 04:00
  5. Stairway to Curlywurly in Ireland

    Venue: Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Kilkenny road, Carlow
    Time: Sat Apr 18 2015 at 03:00
  6. Kilkenny Jive party

    Venue: The Brog Maker Hotel, Castlecomer Road, Kilkenny
    Time: Fri Jan 30 2015 at 09:00
  7. Dublin Funky Jive

    Venue: St. Annes Gaa club, Bohernabreena, Tallaght, Dublin.
    Time: Sun Jan 11 2015 at 03:00
  8. Sara White@ Monday Blues Kilkenny

    Venue: Kyteler's Inn, Kieran Street, Kilkenny
    Time: Mon Dec 8 2014 at 08:00
  9. Merci pour la dance 2014

    Venue: Springhill Court Hotel, Waterford road, Kilkenny.
    Time: Sat Nov 29 2014 at 06:45
  10. Dublin Afternoon Tea Dance

    Venue: St. Annes Gaa club, Bohernabreena, Tallaght, Dublin.
    Time: Sun Nov 9 2014 at 04:00

There are no archived events