Workshops with Morris & Judith Rodham

Venue: Sevenoaks hotel, Carlow
Time: Sat Jan 11 2020 at 02:00

Event detail

Two amazing workshops with Morris & Judith Rodham. Morris (DJ name Revdrop….you’ll know why if you know him and have seen him dance!) and Judith are known for their expressive dancing style, which includes a large repertoire of dips and drops. They also love dancing in Blues/expressive/slower rooms throughout the UK. Morris is a well-known DJ and Social Dancer in England, and is coming over to Ireland by special invitation!

Workshop 1:

Blues/expressive and dancing to slower music.

A workshop which will help you lead and follow when the music starts to get slower or more complex.
Morris and Judith are known for their expressive dancing style, and . Morris is also a well-known DJ for blues/expressive/slower music events, DJ’ing at his own events, for many independent dance organisations, and weekenders.

The workshop will cover:

The main differences in technique between dancing in main room faster music to dancing to blues/slower music.
An understanding of how to make your dancing fit the music rather than just the beat.
How to lead and follow effortlessly which will make your dancing more enjoyable, and also make you a more popular dancer!

Workshop 2

Leans, Dips and Drops
A workshop which will help you lead and follow leans, dips and drops safely and stylishly.

The workshop will cover:

Key safety factors in leading and following leans, dips and drops.
A selection of stylish leans, dips and drops.
Knowing when leans, dips and drops fit the music, and when they don’t!

Please Note: Attendance at the ‘Blues/Expressive’ workshop on will be a great advantage to assist your learning at this workshop!
Leans, dips and drops require strength in the core, back, legs and arms. This workshop is not suitable for anyone carrying injuries in these areas, or for follows who are not able to hold their own weight when leaning back on one leg. Please be sensible!

Freestyle will take place Saturday night from 9pm

Workshops: €15 each
Freestyle: €15
Workshops & Freestyle Combo: €40

Workshops must be booked in advance.

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Full Event Cost €40